Planing Hickory Boards

I spent some time planing a few boards today.  I was only able to haul a few in my Jeep, and that is for the best since it takes such a long time to smooth out these rough cut boards.  This way I was able to get them all cleaned up before I put them on the rack until I am ready to use them.

I have been talking about making a dining table for several years and I think the kids might be old enough to not color on it or destroy the finish.  They could prove me wrong.  I went 1″ thick for the two widest boards and 3/4″ on the narrow one.  The 1″ ones could make a nice top.  They have pretty grain structure and not too much sap wood to cut around.


It is amazing how much sawdust this creates.  I find that after a board or two I am knee deep in shavings.

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