I tried my first butterfly joints this week.  They are supposed to strengthen the joint between the two boards as well as add a decorative element to the project.  They weren’t as hard as I thought they would be to do.  I can definitely tell the difference between the first one I did and third one.  A little more practice and they should be no problem.  I’ll just need a little wood filler to dress them up when I am all done.


Here is the first one.  You can see where my hand slipped and I went outside of the lines.  I also noted that in the future I need to leave the line and use a chisel to slowly work up to it at the end for a tight fit.


Here is the last one, I think the lines look a little crisper.  A little more sanding and some filler and I should be all done.  The goal in the future is to not need any filler at all… I’ll get there someday.



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