A Table Lamp on a Snowy Day

Today I woke up to 6″ of snow on the ground and more still falling.  I knew my workshop time would be limited.  In between rounds of moving snow I got two short sessions in and worked on a table lamp I had been dreaming up for a week or two now.  I had some lumber that was bug infested at one time (I have been storing it outside away from my good stock).  I had cut and baked this wood last week to make sure there were no more critters in there.   I thought the wood had interesting character as you can see all the paths the bugs took as they made their way through the tree, bored out through the bark and moved on to a different host.  These will be the upright pieces on the lamp and two pieces of ash scrap will be the top and the bottom.  It should be a relatively simple project, but we will see where this journey takes me.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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