New Year, New Challenges

I have started this blog to help me follow through with the many projects I have in the works right now.  I have been working with wood as a hobbyist for many years and have just begun to experiment with metalworking as well.  I find that it is a great stress reliever as these projects help me to exercise my mind and my muscles to figure out how things work and come up with creative solutions to the problems I encounter.  I hope to post about individual projects and show my progress as they move from idea to completion.

I am excited as well as a little nervous to step out of my comfort zone to share my progress on my projects, but I believe that it will help me to stay on task and motivated to get things finished.  I also hope this will improve my photography skills which are somewhat lacking.

Above is an one of my early projects.  It is a pie safe I made for my sister who is an excellent baker.  I did not have any plans for this project and made it up as I went along.  It lacks a few details I would add in today, but I am happy with my result and the enthusiasm I had for this project.

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